E-Visa Kenya

The Kenyan government requires people of other nationalities to obtain a visa before they can travel, visit or do business in the country. The term “Kenya E-Visa” refers to certain Kenyan visas issued online rather than filling in traditional paper visas.

The main types of E-Visa for Kenya are:

  • Kenyan tourist e-Visa.
  • Kenyan transit e-Visa.
  • Kenyan business e-Visa.

The Kenyan tourist e-visa is a single entry visa issued to people from countries who need a visa to enter Kenya, and whose main purpose for the visit is tourism.

It is generally valid for ninety days, although it can be renewed once in the country for a maximum stay of six months.

The Kenyan transit e-visa is also a single entry visa issued online to people transiting through Kenya to other countries. It is valid for ninety days, for a 72-hour stay.

The Kenyan business e-visa is a single entry visa issued to people wishing to do business in Kenya. It is valid for ninety days for a stay of up to ninety days.


All types of Kenyan electronic visas are subject to service fees and card processing fees, although the amounts vary depending on the type of visa. The transit visa is cheaper than the tourist visa and the business visa.

The prerequisites for the single entry visa for Kenya are as follows:

  • A valid travel document,
  • At least one blank page on the passport,
  • A round trip ticket.

The transit visa requires that you have a connecting ticket when you apply. Applicants must also attach various documents depending on the type of trip.

Business travelers must attach an invitation letter from the host company as well as copies of the company registration.

Tourists must attach a travel itinerary and hotel reservations. All applicants must also attach a clear photo ID that meets established guidelines and a clear biographical data page.


Those applying for a Kenya electronic visa will need to complete an online form. You can fill out the form and pay the necessary fees. On the form, you will need to provide personal information such as your full name, date of birth, nationality, profession and contact information. You will also need to provide your passport details, the reasons for your trip, the date of entry and the length of your stay.

Depending on the purpose of your visit, you will also need to indicate the name and contact details of your host. There are also other minor details on the form that differ from person to person.


Indian nationals can apply for an electronic visa for Kenya. To apply, visit the Electronic Visa Application website for Kenya and fill out the form. Once you have completed a form, pay the service fee using Visa or MasterCard. Visa processing will take two business days and the online visa will be sent to your email account. Print the visa and present it at the point of entry with your passport.


American citizens need a visa to visit Kenya. The United States is among the countries eligible for Kenya’s online electronic visa. US citizens can apply for an electronic visa before traveling to Kenya on Kenya’s e-visa website.


There is a list of over sixty countries whose passport holders are exempt from the requirement to obtain a visa during their stay in Kenya. There is also another group of sixteen countries that can only travel to Kenya with a reference visa.

If your country is not on the list of exempted countries or the list of referenced countries, then you will need to obtain a visa to enter Kenya. However, people under the age of sixteen are also exempt.

The validity of Kenya electronic visa

The visa for Kenya is valid for 90 days from the date of issue, which means that upon receiving the visa you will have 90 days to get to Kenya. At your entrance, you can have up to 90 days of authorized stays. The time of stay will be definitively fixed upon your arrival.

Note that it is possible to extend your electronic visa at the immigration office in Nairobi.

On the other hand, even with the extension, your stay cannot exceed a total of 6 months.

The costs

The fees for the E-visa for Kenya are € 79.95 all-inclusive. This means that the price indicated includes consular fees as well as service fees.


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