Tourism in Kenya

Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa. It is best known for its photo safaris, parks, and white sandy beaches.

Kenya is a country synonymous with safari and adventure in Africa. A trip to Kenya is a meeting with the most impressive flora and fauna in the world.

Kenya is the country of safaris, with its large savannas populated by countless wild beasts, including the famous Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros). These wild beasts are preserved in one of its fifty national parks. The tourist attractiveness of Kenya is still the safaris. It is visited by western tourists in search of expatriation and exoticism.

Kenya’s beaches run along the coast, around Mombasa and it appeals to visitors who love the charms of flora and fauna.

The most daring thrill-seekers usually climb Mount Kenya, the second-highest peak in Africa, behind Kilimanjaro, which overlooks the Great Rift Valley.

What to visit and what to do?

1. Nairobi

The capital of Kenya. Nairobi is a beautiful city that attracts Tourists. The city is active and hectic during the day, but peaceful at night. There are shops, restaurants, and universities in this city. You can visit Nairobi to see a wonderful city.

2. Mombasa

Mombasa is a pleasant and colorful city, quieter than Nairobi where the population is also simpler. The city has no shortage of tourist attractions. Its Old town and Fort Jesus are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

3. Kisumu

Apart from the incessant comings and goings of a boda-boda (bicycle taxis), Kisumu is a quiet town with a very welcoming population. The quiet city does not mean dead. The nightlife is active without being noisy in the streets. Apart from its ethnographic museum, its sanctuary for impalas, and its magnificent sunsets over Lake Victoria, Kisumu is the ideal center for tourist,

4. Nakuru

UNESCO-listed Nakuru National Park is home to more than 400 bird species including thousands of Flamingos.

5. Eldoret

Eldoret has little tourist attraction. Eldoret is a very important center for the export of tea, coffee, and cut flowers. Eldoret usually attracts tourists who are only interested in tea, coffee, and cut flowers.

Parks and nature reserves

Kenya’s major tourist attraction is its national parks and reserves, which represent 8% of the total area of the territory. Managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), they are made up of 26 parks The parks are made up of 22 terrestrial parks and 4 marine parks. Kenya also has 34 reserves in which 28 are terrestrial, while 6 are marine.

List of Kenyan parks and reserves

Kenya’s parks and reserves are protected areas that stretch from the sanctuary impala to the Tsavo East National Park. Among the marine areas, the most famous within the community of scuba divers is the National Maritime Park and Marine Reserve of Mombasa.

Five of these areas are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO:

  • The National Park of Mount Kenya (1997)

  • The three national parks of Lake Turkana (since 1997)

  • Sibiloi National Park

  • Central island national park

  • South island national park.

The Kenyan lake system in the Great Rift Valley includes Bogoria, Elementaita, and Nakuru lakes.

Other tourist attractions in Kenya are:

  • Lake Naivasha

  • The National Park of Lake Nakuru

  • The Lake Bogoria National Reserve

  • The Tana river delta and the surrounding forest

  • The Aberdare Mountains in Aberdare National Park

  • Hell’s Gate National Park

  • Meru National Park

  • The complex formed by the two national parks of Tsavo and Chyulu Hills

  • The national reserve of the forest of Kakamega

  • The Masai Mara national reserve

  • The arc formed by the Simba Hills National Reserve and the Arabuko-Sokoke National Park.


The Tourist accommodation available in Kenya ranges from campsites to five-star hotels. Kenya’s accommodation for tourists also includes the safari lodges in the parks and reserves. Many hotels have Wi-Fi which is often free. Renting an apartment or a villa is very popular, even in less touristic places.

Prices of accommodation can vary from 500 KES per day for a camping spot to 12,500 KES for one night in a luxury hotel. The short-term rental of accommodation can be between 45,000 KES per week for an apartment with two bedrooms, 175,000 KES for a villa with four bedrooms and with swimming pool.


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